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Grace Hope Counseling 

of Florida, PLLC

(Formerly Grace Counseling Services of Winter Haven)

Marielle Pierrot

Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern, Minister

[email protected]

Marielle is a social worker and community organizer with more than 20 years of experience in the social services industry. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from York College – CUNY, Master of Social Work from Hunter College – CUNY School of Social Work and now more recently Master in Ministry from Warner University. “Community” and “resources” are two words you will frequently hear from the mouth of Marielle. She believes that “without a network of people and information, there wouldn’t be a community, nor would there be resources to share with the people who are in need.” What this means is that it is important for people with a wealth of knowledge, compassion, and resources to network and spread the good to those in need. Whether they are a child, woman, or man, they will all benefit from all the resources.

Marielle like to build on strengths and taking the first step to healing represents “acknowledgement and strength”. Therefore, she commends you on taking this courageous step towards your healings. She works with individuals and families from the ages of 12 and up. Her approach is Solution-Focused, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Interpersonal Psychotherapy. Marielle is an ordained minister and have experience in ministry-based roles, which she will at your request include a Christian faith-based component during your therapy session.

Specializing In:

• Individuals                                                                              Self Esteem

• Families                                                                                 Stress and Anxiety

• Groups                                                                                   Life Coaching

• Children and Adolescents (ages 12-17)                                Premarital Counseling and Wedding                                                                                                                   Ceremonies